Mill Creek 13

I've been thinking about building another MC13 so I have been looking at the plan sheets from my first MC13 and also the Assembly manual that came with my MC16.5 plans. (The manual contains assembly instructions for all the MC versions).  

I happened to notice that the dimension given for aligning the sheer panel when gluing the scarfs together was 7/8+" on the original plan sheet but is 1-3/16" in the assembly manual.

The assembly manual is several years newer than the plan sheet so I wonder if there was a change made to the sheer panel in the years after mine was drawn?

The dimension given for the bilge panel in the assembly manual does match the drawing.

I suspect that one could use either dimension and still have the panels line up and produce a fair hull! Just bugs me to not know why the dimensions are different.

TIA, Dennis

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