recommend some lightweight footbraces

Keyword: lightweight.

The Keepers in the WD12 kit weigh a ton.  Combined with hatch, seat, bungies, etc, they add alot at the end of the build.  It's been on the water already, current finished weight is 42 lbs and I'm looking to shave a couple if possible.

Also plan to rout out the center of the heavy sapele hatch doubler.

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RE: recommend some lightweight footbraces

I installed Yakima pegs in my WD12 and am VERY happy with them.  I wanted a really solid brace and I really liked how positive the lock was as well as the strength of the channel.  I’m sure there are lighter ones on the market but I did not want to ruin the feel of the boat with a foot peg that did not feel secure.  A small price to pay in my opinion.  I think I finished about 48lbs. and that was with a 4mm deck.

I think when you get into ergonomics of the boat (seat, pegs) those are the things that could easily spoil the experience.


RE: recommend some lightweight footbraces

I used these nylon ones:

I like them, they are easily adjustable from the cockpit and have a comfortable footpad.  

RE: recommend some lightweight footbraces

Here is a list of weights, coutresy of the CLC Postal scale.

Adjustable aluminum- 1.1lbs

Smart Track footbraces- 1.75lbs

Smart Track Premium Aliminum- 2.1lbs

Keepers Footbraces- .75 lbs

Sea Dog adjustable Footbraces 1.4 lbs (per sea dog web specs)

As you can see, Keepers are the lightest of the bunch, but I doubt you will feel the difference when lifting your Duck.


RE: recommend some lightweight footbraces

Thanks so much. Excellent customer service to weigh those things!  

Appears nothing would be saved by changing footbraces.  Routed 3 ounces from the hatch doubler yesterday afternoon.  End pours came out too big and heavy, so need to crawl in there with a dremel (and respirator!!) to shave a few ounces there.  May be getting a bit obsessive at that point.  Nothing a Sassfras 12 wouldn't rectify. Hmm...time for the next build?? :-) 

RE: recommend some lightweight footbraces

Closed cell foam blocks, glued to the side wall or the bulkhead at a length comfortable for you.

So far those are the lightest footbraces I've found or heard about.


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