MC16.5 bilge panels

Hi, Just a quick question regarding the bilge panels on my MC16.5 kit - is it normal to have the little 'bump' at either end? When I first saw them I thought it might have been an error in the laser cutting but the more I look at them I think that they are supposed to be like that - do they fit over the end points of the bottom panel?

I'm not quite at that stage yet - still glueing sheer clamps - but thought I'd ask before I got there.





p.s. I'm talking about the notch at the bottom end of the panel (not the little spike which I'm yet to sand off).

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RE: MC16.5 bilge panels

 The little sharp thing is where the CNC machine started and left off, and as you stated correctly, that's to be sanded off.

A few years ago we added the "detente" at the end of the bilge panel to indicate, emphatically, where the bottom panel engages the bilge panels.  It's helped a lot with assembly.

RE: MC16.5 bilge panels

Thanks John,

Yes it was the little 'detente' that I was referring to.



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