CLC Severn

A friend of mine just purchased a used "Severn" kayak (15'-8" x 27") from someone in Long Beach, CA.  He is not having much luck finding any literature, or plans for the boat.  We may get it out on the lake tomorrow for some sea-trials.  Apparently nothing major needs to be done to it, but it would be great to know more about it.  Does anyone out there have any info?

Thanks, Paul

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RE: CLC Severn

I think I have a set of plans somewhere. I'll start looking around.


RE: CLC Severn


That would be terrific.  If you find something you can email me at

I don't want to post my buddy's email without checking with him first.


RE: CLC Severn

I recevied "The New Kayak Shop" this morning.
Severn's plans are p 68 to 70.


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