xtra hull protection for 16LT


My boat suffered considerable wear and tear (multi-length abrasions) to its hull last season due to repeated landings on rocky shores/beaches. In addition to other modifications to the boat (minicell seat, etc.) I now want to provide a better level of protection for the length of the bottom, approximately six inches either side of its centerline, tapering towards the bow/stern. The options I'm considering are (w/ questions):

1) Two layers of 6oz. fiberglass/epoxy (sanding advised?)

2) Two layers of dynel cloth/epoxy (w/ or w/o graphite?)

3) Any other abrasion-resistant material you might know of/recommend?

Any comments/suggestions/insights would be deeply appreciated.

Hope the winter's going well for you all. Far too much snow in Massachusetts,


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RE: xtra hull protection for 16LT

See the various posts on graphite / epoxy coating.  If the existing fiberglass is cut thru in numerous places then adding new glass may be appropriate in combination with the black bottom.  If the scrapes are all just cosmetic, then I would just sand off the varnish/paint and put the graphite/epoxy on.  That's the plan I have for one of my boats.


PS:  I would coat up to about 1" above the lower chine.

RE: xtra hull protection for 16LT

Appreciated, Paul. Thankk you. J

RE: xtra hull protection for 16LT

John - You may want to check out this link to One Ocean kayaks site, which discusses various cloth options:  http://www.oneoceankayaks.com/Abrasion.htm

Dynel - I've only use dynel from the rubstrips that CLC sells, and it works well for a thin strip at the ends of the hull.  However, if you're thinking about using a wide strip the length of the boat, it will be very heavy (and expensive due to the epoxy usage).  You won't believe how much epoxy that stuff absorbs.  It would also be rather dificult to get a nice smooth surface.  Of course, it's tough as nails with respect to abrasion.

S-Glass - I haven't used this, but from what I hear it's probably your best option if you want something in addition to the graphite/epoxy mix.

Graphite - It's very good at resisting and limiting incidental abrasion.  If you're talking about surfing into rocks - try not to do that - but the graphite alone isn't going to protect the boat from real impacts on sharp rocks.  As you probably know, Dynel, Graphite and S-glass are helpful with abrasion, but they won't impart superman mechanical strength.

RE: xtra hull protection for 16LT

Thank you so much, zcar; very informative link.


Just to clarify, the wounds on my boat I want to heal and, through application of some form of protection, avoid going forward, were caused simply by beaching the boat (at some speed) on gravelly landing spots (not talking big impacts w/ rocks). In a number of places the fiberglass as given way to wood. All thjis would be avoided if I'd force myself to learn in-water entry/exit, of course.

The heaviness of the Dynel/epoxy/graphite does concern me. I'll check out S-Glass, but may "settle" for a couple layers of fiberglass/epoxy.


Again, my thanks,





RE: xtra hull protection for 16LT

I put bias-cut tape on my chines (17LT)... it went on fine but with a bright finish it stands out against the single layer of glass on the rest of the hull.  There is a slight but noticable difference in the way that this double layer of tape refracts light in direct sunlight.  It is not noticable in low light or when looking direclty at the hull but from an angle the tape definitely stands out.  The boat still looks great and no one has mentioned that they noticed... but I do.  That being said, I made a rookie landing on a barnacle beach at low tide and the double tape withstood the abrasion but single did not.

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