Afghanistan Kayak dreams

I just ordered my first kayak kit, a Chesapeake 17LT. It will be waiting for me when I come home from Afghanistan, a post-deployment gift to myself. I look forward to this build, I have been using poly Kayaks up until now and I am stoked to build what I am sure is to be the first of many kayaks. Now if only I could decide on how I want to finish it out....putting the horse before the cart a bit.

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RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams


Thank you for your service.  There are not enough kayaks in the world to reward you for what you are doing.  Good luck, be safe, and enjoy the build when you get home.


RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

  More thanks for your service and wishes for a safe return. Here's to some well deserved R&R in your new yak.


RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

I cant think of a better way to unwind after a deployment.  Enjoy it and Thank You for all that you sacrifice to serve this country.

RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

I would suggest camo, but that's too obvious.

God bless and thank you.  Enjoy the build - it's well worth the effort.  

RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

God bless you RyanFranks. Stay safe!

RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams


Sweet gift to youself.  Thanks for the years of service and bravery.  Have fun with the build.  And keep us all informed of your progress.


RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams


After this tour, the last thing I want to see is camo, especially on my boat. I would rather paint it blaze orange wit lime green pinstripes and big pink hearts than see my recreation ticket done up in camo...

RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

I built the same boat. You will enjoy building it and finishing it out. When I got to finishing the boat, I simply couldn't bring my self to apply paint to that beautiful gleaming wood, so mine is bright. I may eventually put paint on it but so far, three years later, I am still liking the gleaming mahogany. Plus, wood grain hides a multitude of finishing sins.

Thank you for your service to our country. May God bless and protect you.

RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

PS - You will absolutely love the way this boat handles after paddling plastic boats!

RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

So the boat arrives tomorrow...Just two days after I did. I have just enough time to clear out garage space for the job. I went to Harbor Freight Tools today and to my surprise, they were having a big presidents day sale, picked up a random orbital sander, a pair of spokeshaves and a plane for less than 50 bucks total. I need to go back and pick up some spring clamps that I forgot but thats no biggie. Can't wait to start the build!

RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

Check Home Depot they have  spring clams for one dollar each. 

RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

"spring clams"

Yummy, chowder! ;)


RE: Afghanistan Kayak dreams

good luck with your build. The one dollar spring clamps at home depot are fantastic. I started my boat three weeks ago and i am ready to start the fiberglass on the deck and hall. you will have a blast.


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