I am currently building a Mill Creek 13 for a person who wants to give to his wife as a present.  Wants me to put a four foot tapered skeg on the stern bottom to help it track true when paddling.  I showed him the plans for the movable skeg from CLC.  He mentioned that is was another thing to think about while paddling; wouldn't a small skeg function to the same thing for tracking?  Dimensions are @45" X 2.5" X 1/2"  tapered down  to 3/4" ; would be using a straight piece of mahagony with brass 3/8" stem band on the bottom--weight is not a consideration.  Any thoughts about a small skeg on a kayak?

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RE: skeg?

it'll track straight on it's own.understand the skeg is to counteract the wind . as the boat moves throught the water the bow kinda digs in and makes a trough that makes it harder for a cross  wind to push so the stern gets blown around more than the bow thus the boat turns toward the wind. so if you want to move into the wind retract the skeg, away from the wind extend the skeg ,parralel to the wind adjust ti'll its evened out. so more skeg doesnt mean staighter it means it'll turn downwind more. took me a long time to learn that. use the adjustable or nothing

RE: skeg?

ps it will likely stay up and unused most of the time

RE: skeg?

Your proposed skeg may save the bottom from some rocks but will do little or nothing for directional stability.  Skeg, and rudder performance is all about aspect ratio.  You want them to be deep with a short cord lenght (fore & aft dimension).  So you are adding drag due to added wetted surface and the appendage itsef in addition to the added weight.

If this does not seem right, think about airplane wings (high aspect ratio)  You never see a plane with shallow winds extneding the legth of the fuselage.


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