Prepping for Varnishing Cockpit

Before the summer gets too far along, I have to varnish the cockpit of our MC16.5.  I applied 6 oz. 'glass under 2 coats of epoxy to the entire area so the weave is not entirely filled and there is a nice texture that I want to maintain for a bit of traction.  How should I go about prepping the area?  I thought I would just sand it and then varnish...but with the texture, sanding won't be entirely complete with the slight dimples in the 'glass...will the varnish adhere adequately?



Cockpit Texture

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RE: Prepping for Varnishing Cockpit

what i just learned about varnishing the cockpit is that when you go to glue in the foam seat,  the contact cement and the varnish do not play nice together.  i just scraped up a bunch of varnish that bubbled and peeled from the cockpit. i know i cannot be the first person to do this, what a suprise!

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