Kayak comparison

I am a complete beginner to kayaking, but want to build my first boat.

The options are as follows: Chesapeake 17,  One Ocean Cirrus,  One Ocean Cape Ann,  Guillemot Great Auk. 

Does anyone have any ideas on the kayak comparison.  I like the Cirrus but would rather not make a mistake at the start.


/THANKS/ Bobmas


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RE: Kayak comparison

After building four kayaks, I would strongly advise any newcomer to start with a stitch and glue kit. CLC's Shearwater 17 is similar to the Cirrus. Both are high-performance boats that are available in well-designed kits. The C17, Cape Ann and Great Auk are bigger boats, and the strippers are much more complex projects that take two to three times longer to build. I'm about to start a Cape Ann, confident that I won't make the same mistakes I made on the first four boats, one of which is a hybrid. You can read of my successes and failures at www.twofootartist.com -Wes

RE: Kayak comparison

Wes, out of those you have mentioned which kayak do you favor? I am in the same "boat" as Bobmas. I have the skills but want to start with a S&G.



RE: Kayak comparison

I should first correct an error in my post. My first boat was not a kayak but a Bolger Cartopper, a 12' stitch and glue sailing skiff. My first kayak was a Shearwater 17 that I built from a CLC kit. It came out well and performed beautifully but was too tight for my size 11 feet. I sold the Shearwater and built a Merganser 17W hybrid from plans. This boat is basically identical to the Shearwater but an inch wider and 1/2" higher in the foot space. After a year of heavy use I absolutely love this boat. I only wish I had taken more time and care in its construction. It is rugged and lightweight but has some cosmetic flaws that could have been avoided with care. Last year I helped my eldest daughter build a Ganymede from plans that came out very well. I am about to start a Cape Ann Storm next. This is a strip-built kayak that is similar in displacement to the Merganser. I will take my time with this one. -Wes

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