wood warp sheerwater double

My kit will be arriving the beginning of the week. the kit has been in some cold and damp weather for a few days, I do want to open but i think i should leave wrapped for a few days in my shop, were the temp is 65-70. I do not want the thin boards to warp,

Has anybody had this problem of warped ply. i have never used marine grade before

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RE: wood warp sheerwater double

Letting it acclimate would not be a bad idea. However, you will be warping the pieces quite a bit yourself when you stitch it together (especially the deck) so do not be alarmed if the plywood does warp.  I found that that the Sapele was particularly prone to warping when I built my Shearwater 14, but it all worked out fine. 

The one joint that you will not be stitching is the first ones you do (the puzzle joints to join then long pieces together).  Make sure that you have that well clamped/weighted while it cures.  That was the only one that I found an issue with warping since you don't have stitches to hold it exactly where you wanted, and the ends of the sapele seemed to curve a bit.  

RE: wood warp sheerwater double

Thanks for the info, i will give it a few days, i think it will be better if they are flatt

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