Despite my best efforts, I am unable to make rhe frames meet the panels, particularly panel number one. There remains a gap of some 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Is it possible to secure the frames to the panels using a bead of other words, to fill the gap with epoxy. I have not worked with epoxy before, and although I know of its reputation for strength, one normally expects to be glueing together panels which have met. I also have a similar gap in the stem ends but here one will be covering any gaps with fibrglass. Beware of the mal-alligned panels. I did not and am paying for it now.....thanks all...TomC     

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RE: skerry/epoxy

Hi tomc,

Sometimes epoxy can be so strong and versatile that it seems like a miracle material. Still, there is much satisfaction to be had in a well fitting joint.

I remember my center frame had large gaps in places that I filled with epoxy (~1/4"). I remembered afterwards to put a little fatter fillet around that section.

The reason for the mis-aligned panels may not be immediately obvious. Try loosening some ties and make sure the position is as per plans. Half the fun of boatbuilding is solving little riddles like these.

If you like, visit my building gallery for inspiration. It may help in the future:

Good luck!


RE: skerry/epoxy

  Jean..thank you for the advice on on Skerry/epoxy. I suspect I already knew the reputed strength of epoxy bonds, and, the answer to my post. But other opinions are encouraging. By the way, CLC builder's help essentially says the same thing you do .....thanks again, and now back to the goal is an Adirondack lake sometime this summer...Tomc 

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