south florida demo

 any news on when the south florida demo is coming to town?

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RE: south florida demo

Here we go:

Location: St. Petersburg, Florida
Dates: Feb 12, 2011

What: CLC Boat Demo
 Gandy Beach - St. Petersburg, Florida
When: Saturday, February 12th, 11am to 4pm


Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Dates: Feb 19, 2011

What: CLC Boat Demo
 George English Park - Fort Laurderdale, Florida
When: Saturday, February 19th, 11am to 4pm


Optional but much-appreciated RSVPs here

RE: south florida demo


I will be in St Pete Beach during your demo.  Is Gandy Beach near the "pier" in St. Pete?

I am half done(?) with my wood duck 12 hybrid(almost done gluing strips on the deck).  Will you have a wood duck hybrid at the demo?

Our Michigan winter is keeping me from anymore epoxy work (10 degrees this morning, I can only get my garage up to 50 degrees).  I am looking forward to your demo and a break from the cold.

My next boat will probably be a wood duck 10 hybrid.  Already my adult kids and grand kids are interested in paddling a duck.  Will you bring a wood duck 10 to the demo? 

The building process has been lots of fun so far and I look forward to paddling my own duck this spring!!

Rod Jenkins

RE: south florida demo

Is it correct that you're going to be in Ft Lau and St Pete the same day? SEEYA Jack

RE: south florida demo

Different weekends.  Takes that long to thaw the boats.  Sunny skies & calm winds.

RE: south florida demo

Well, I feel dumb, guesws I should read the whole thing next time. SEEYA Jack

RE: south florida demo

looking forward to it.ive let the local kayak clubs know about it

RE: south florida demo

can't wait ,i'll be doing a paddle with a group out of that park at 9 am that day if anyone wants to join me

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