Footbraces 16.5

Getting ready to place the footbraces and I see where I "hold the footbrace level and drill 5/16" holes for screws." Do I have to use the screws or will thickened epoxy do the trick? Would hate to go clear through the hull as the outside has been glassed and epoxied. Thoughts? Thanks


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RE: Footbraces 16.5

The aft foot braces mount to the spacer blocks to fit over the hanging knees.  these are screwed to the block which are glued to the hull with eposy.  The fwd braces fit right to the hull and are intended to be attached with the round-head screws run in from outside.  the screw heads stand proud on the outside of the hull.  You certainly could make ahin blocks to screw the braces to and then glue those blocks in also.  I was a bit surprised about the screws going thru the hull but John H told that was the normal practice and it has worked out fine so far.  Have been using the boat regularly since December 07.

Paul G

RE: Footbraces 16.5

Rod...the first attachment shows how I attached the stern footbrace blocks and the second shows the bow with small wood blocks to screw the pedals to.  No screws through the hull....just epoxy.  Very solid so far.




RE: Footbraces 16.5

Thanks to Paul and Chris for their remarks. Checked out your link, Chris, and decided to go with the blocks. So far so good.


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