Creature comfort seat install?

Anyone out there who can give me instructions for installing the creature comfort seat in a Chesapeake LT17.

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RE: Creature comfort seat install?

It should have come with instructions. If they weren't included, call CLC's tech support number for a copy.



RE: Creature comfort seat install?

hey let me know how you like that seat im thinking of putting one in my shearwater

RE: Creature comfort seat install?


I use one in my brand X pirogue, as well as in my Wood Duck 12. It works really well for both. I've spent all day in both boats with only the minor stiffness from spending all day in very nearly the same position. In my pirogue I even back-toback days and it was still comfortable the second day. They're definitely worth the money (cheaper than a trip to a spinal specialist).



RE: Creature comfort seat install?

A sheet with installation details should be in the package with your Creature Comfort Seat.  It's really straightforward.  I just uploaded the graphic to the Creature Comfort Seat's page so that it's online.

And so your butt shall be comfortable.

Improvising a seat: Thermarest Trekker Chair

Hoping to improvise a little more lower back support in my recently completed Wood Duck 12 the Ugly Duckling, today I got a Therm-a-Rest "Trekker Chair."  Its a shell or slip cover of nylon, with fiberglass stiffening rods.  Insert a half-inflated camping air mattress (I use one with my camping hammock) and it becomes a sit-on-the-ground camping chair.  It fits neatly in the cockpit of Ugly Duckling (thanks again for designing such a copious cockpit). Another virtue: emergency flotation, a pre-inflated life raft if a jet ski rams and destroys my Wood Duck.  Though in that case my first wish would be for something like a kayak-mounted machine gun.  They are roughly $30.  Unanswered questions: will it inhibit paddling?  In a capsize will it get in the way of recovery?  Say tuned.   If it works  I'll let you know; maybe CLC might choose to stock them as a seating option. 

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