Night Heron Hybird beveling question

I just started my night heron hybrid build. I have the bottom panels stitched and the temporary stations wired up. I was preparing to wire a side panel when I noticed my beveling was not done to satisfaction. Truth is I got in a hurry to get started and simply forgot to bevel the outside of the bottom panels.  I see no reason why I can’t bevel the bottom panels even though they are wired into the temporary stations. Or would it be advisable to undo everything I have done so far. My only concern is bending the panels out of shape or warping them by beveling them while they are not on a flat surface. Thanks, Mark

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RE: Night Heron Hybird beveling question


I'd imagine it will be hard to get an even rolling bevel if you have to pick up your plane at each station and start again on the other side.  I didn't forget to bevel this area but somehow i did the worst job on the outer edges of the bottom and it does show quite a bit.  Since you're still in the early stages i'd suggest going back a step and avoid wishing you'd done so later on.  It'll only add an extra hour or two.

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RE: Night Heron Hybird beveling question


I took your advise and just started over again and got my bevels correct. The end result is a really good fit. I often get too excited during the build and go a lot faster than I should. I told myself on this, my second build,  I would TAKE MY TIME. I need to constantly remind myself of that. Thanks, Mark 

RE: Night Heron Hybird beveling question

Glad to hear it Mark. I'm just finishing up the hull this week and looking around for wood to make my strips.  Below is a link to a webpage I follow and reference constantly since he has just finished a Night Heron Hybrid as well, and he's really good!  Thought this might help you along the way as it has helped me.  Wish I could remember the builders name to give him credit, but i believe he checks this forum from time to time so i'm sure he'll be able to chime in.

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