West System Scarffer

Getting ready to start on a Wood Duck 12 this weekend. I have one of the West System Scarffer tools that attaches to my circular saw. I have used it on thicker plywood on other projects, but have not tried it on anything as thin as the 4mm okoume for the wood duck. Has anyone else tried one on the 4mm? I am wondering if a belt sander would be easier for something that thin.

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RE: West System Scarffer

OK, I have not used the West System but I did build my own scarfing guide and used my circular saw to do the scarf joints on my WD12.  I ventured to scarfing the entire 8x4 sheets together before cutting out the panels for the boat.  After cutting the scarfs, I evened them out using a block plane.  The issue that I faced was the wood curving so I used an old piece of angle iron to hold it flat to the work bench while I cut the scarf, it worked well.  Looking at the article on Duckworks (link below) it looks like he did the same thing.  Use the finest tooth blade that you have.



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