Annapolis Wherry Tandum

I'd like to build the Annapolis Wherry Tandum. My rowing will be in the open ocean with wind, large swells, and an occasional whale. I'd like to build the Tandum Annapolis Wherry  but the price of shipping the kit to Hawaii is probably as much as the kit. Are there any plans available for this design? Even a good set of lines would be enough for me to lift a working plan from and get busy. Does anyone think this boat would do well in the conditions I described? The ability to surf an occasional swell would sure speed up a crossing between the islands. Thanks in advance. Oahu Rob

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RE: Annapolis Wherry Tandum

I hate to rain on your parade but...actually no I don't think this boat is suitable for the conditions you describe. I have not rowed the double but I do own a single. This boat is completely open, no deck and about 4" of freeboard at the lowest point. It will fill up with water quite readily in the conditions you describe. With 9"6" oars you are going to have a tough time clearing wind chop on your recovery. I have been to Hawaii plenty of times and have never seen a wherry being rowed there. If you want to surf swells get an OC1 of a surfski. Good luck.

RE: Annapolis Wherry Tandum

PS, Oahu Bob, If you have your heart set on open water rowing check out Maas Boats. They build and sell what you need for the conditions over there. You will still have to pick your rowing days carefully though.

RE: Annapolis Wherry Tandum

looking to buy a tandum wherey any sellers out there?

RE: Annapolis Wherry Tandum

I haven't rowed the CLC dory, but I've spent some time rowing a Gloucester Gull in wind and chop and it performed wonderfully. As the dory was designed as a work boat for use in rough conditions, you'd probably find it works well in your conditions. The CLC dory (can't remember name) would probably be awesome in the conditions you describe. BTW...dories have relatively low intial stability (they're tippy) which takes some getting used to, but the flared sides make them REALLY hard to tip over. And they're a blast with big, rolly swells.

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