Sea Island Sport

Hey guys, new to the clc forum, regular at

Want to build a Sea Island Sport (sis), one for me and one for the wife.  Having a sailing background, I would like to add the CLC Sail Rig when I feel like a short sail rather than a paddle.  John H said it would be quite fun and doable, but will need to  add rudder. 


Have any of you done this before?   



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RE: Sea Island Sport

Ive almost finished building a SIS. i added a well for hobie pedals and a hand controlled rudder.

My rudder is quite similar to this one. you can also buy rudders on here.

also the sail rig comes with plans for a simple rudder that you put on when using the rig. It is also about twice the size than the one in the link. Probably needed when using a large sail.

Hope that helps 


RE: Sea Island Sport

Thanks Josh, looks impressive. I might go with a standard plastics rudder set from one of the kayak shops around here

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