hybrid deck

Is it possible (or would it be recomended) to install a hybrid deck on the oxford shell and if so  what is involved. It would be my first time trying it and am looking for something a bit different.

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RE: hybrid deck

Joe B

very possible and quite easily accomplished although it will add weight to your shell this is a greatly simplified explanation of the procces

1-build temporary forms at 12-15" spacing to support the strip deck while under construction that match the deck radius,

2-COVER WITH PLASTIC so your work does not adhere to the hull or forms

3-lay up Cedar strip deck's the way you like them for appearance (use bead and cove molded strips for ease of construcion

4-remove (gently) deck from form sand and glass inside surface's glass with 4oz cloth remove temporary forms from hull, turn over install deck's to hull with thickened E-poxy

5-Sand surface in preperation for epoxy glass layup

6 glass with 4oz cloth and e-poxy being sure to bring glass over edge onto side panels

7- let epoxy cure --- SAND sand sand

this is a great place to express yourself and make your boat unique

enjoy the process

the strips you will need will not be very long as the deck is in 2 pieces we have short under 10'strips available that we can sell a a good discount




RE: hybrid deck

cfox -  about how much weight will this add and  how will that effect performance. Would it be better to just stay with the okume deck? 



RE: hybrid deck

Would look real good but I agree on the weight problem. 40 pounds plus the weight of the rig is plenty heavy enough if you are car-topping, one of the reasons I may be shying away from this build. I can't swing these things on my shoulder anymore.

So tempting with the high tech hulls out there to wind up with a fully rigged boat around 35 pounds.

I would like to see that with the Oxford somehow....under 40 pounds rigged.

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