Slipped scarf

I am working on my first boat, CLC Sport Tandem, and managed to screw it up right out of the gate. 

 After I applied the epoxy to the scarfed hull panels I set a bucket of sand on a piece of scrap on the join to let it set.  Unfortunately, I managed to cause the panel to slip approximately a 1/8 inch.

Bad Scarf Join

 Any suggestions on the best way to fix this?  Cut along the scarf and re-do it?  Continue forward and correct the offset via filleting and planing?



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RE: Slipped scarf

You can separate the misaligned scarf after softening the epoxy in the joint by gently applying heat. The glue doesn't need to get very hot, but since it takes time for the heat to travel through the wood to reach it, you will need to be patient. Be careful with a heat gun -- it's not hard to scorch the wood.

Cheers, Grant

RE: Slipped scarf

Hey Dave...  An easy fix.  I agree with the heating method BUT I suggest you use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun.  It btakes longer but much less possibilities of discoloring the woods...  ~Tugbruce~

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