Skerry Gooseneck

I am working on the spars. I have drilled the hole in the end of the boom to take the gooseneck pin. Maby it's obvious, but am I supposed to epoxy the gooseneck into the end of the boom? The manual doesn't indicate. Pat

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RE: Skerry Gooseneck

No, you want to be able to take the boom off at your leisure.  Outhaul tension from the sail keeps the boom on the gooseneck.

RE: Skerry Gooseneck

John, I was wondering if you pulled one of the two cotter pins in the gooseneck each time.... What about waterproofing the hole? Its a snug fit now so if I drilled it out larger, put in epoxy and then redrilled smaller it would be waterproofed like some of the other holes. Is this generally not an issue given you can take it out and dry it if it gets damp? Seems like this spot with even a little water damage might compromise the boom.. thanks, Pat

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