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I am a novice, never built a boat from kit nor from scratch. I do have wood and intentions of building 2 Little Kate canoes, but have no idea of all the expenses involved in boat building. The Pocketship is a beautiful boat and just what I would love to have, and the kit, priced @ $3350 is affordable. Just how much more is involved with this? I know tools and such, but I am talking stuff not in the kit, like sails and such. How much more, in parts can I expect to spend to have me a sailing version completed? Thanks for any and all inputs.


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RE: Pocketship expenses

About $900 for the sails (main & jib) and another $1000 or so for solid wood, lead, paint, varnish, hardware, rope, anchor, boathook, etc.

Then there's all the expendables - lots of sandpaper, gloves, dustmasks, brushes, rollers, etc.

And, I don't mean to be offensive, but since you're a first-timer you should probably allocate a bit extra in the glass, epoxy & filler department, too,

Not forgetting the shipping (750 lb pallet), I'd say you should probably budget something in the vicinity of $5500 -> $6000 minimum for the boat.

Don't forget that you'll be needing a trailer, too.



RE: Pocketship expenses


thanks, Laszlo, I would think many folks are wondering about this as well.  In addition to your list, what does the spec trailer cost? 

RE: Pocketship expenses

Sure thing, as long as everyone remembers that this is my seat of the pants estimate, not an official CLC number.

Sorry, but I have no idea what the trailer would cost. John had a nice top-of-the-line model at O-fest, easily $1000, probably more.



RE: Pocketship expenses

I have ordered the equivalent contents of the Pocketship kit from Noah's Marine for $2,779 CDN ( approximately $2300 US). Details are on my Pocketship blog at


I am still waiting for my plans but hope to keep the blog up to date as I progress through my first boatbuilding experience. 


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