Before I tackle the Pocketship, I want to build a smaller easier boat to both learn the construction techniques and to relearn my sailing skills.  I haven't sailed in 45 years.  I'm a retired carpenter and have "man cave" that is a work of art, small (24 x 22) but excellently equipped.  I,m looking at the Passagemaker or the Northeastern Dory.  How about some recommendations.  Also, I live in the St. Louis area, so my sailing is on lakes and rivers.



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RE: recommendations

Hey Joe. 

My guess is, the way CLC presents their kits and instructions, either vessel would be easy for you.  A note, when CLC had a demo here in Northern California last July, I rowed their Northeast dory and it was HEAVEN!!!   I've rebuilt two coinventional dories and built one for a friend a long time ago, and NOTHING compares to the CLC dory.  She was VERY stable and easy to row, not to mention pleasing to look at. 

Next year I'll be building their Passagemaker take-apart (If I can gather the moxy to cut her apart, that is...) but if I had room to keep the Northeast dory, that WOULD be my boat, to be sure.  Happy sanding.....    ~TUGBRUCE~

RE: recommendations

Thanks for the recommendation.  I,ll be using the Dory on the river, so I,ll be needing backup power, can the Dory handle  3-4 hp motor?

















RE: recommendations

Yes, easily, BUT you will need to "fashion" a side mounted outboard motor bracket and still maintain balance... If you can find one, I recommend a British Seagull.  They are powerful but light weight.    ~Tugbruce~

RE: recommendations


Just something for you to consider in your decision. My Pocketship was my first boat building project ever and I am not a retired carpenter, just your average handyman. I built mine from plans only and the CLC manual and plans were simply excellent in guiding me through the project. Also, I had never sailed before at all and my Pocketship construction and especially doing all the rigging taught me a lot about sailing. However, I did take 10 hours of introductory sailing lessons a few months before "So True" was launched. It sounds like you have more experience than me if you decided to jump straight to the Pocketship project.

Dave C. 

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