Best Kayaking Place

 There are so many incredible places to kayaking all over the United States and across the globe.Will anyone share with me about your best kayaking palce?

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RE: Best Kayaking Place

I am new to kayaking.  I have only kayaked in Michigan.  Every time I go out I find a great place to kayak. Each place seems better than the place before. There is a reason they call it the Great Lakes State.

I would like to paddle the key's someday.

Lou from Michigan

RE: Best Kayaking Place

Here's a little slide show of where I paddled this year...all were great

Willamette river, Portland Oregon


Hudson river, Yonkers New York


Hudson river, north of Cold Spring, New York


East river, NYC, New York


Walkill river, New Paltz, New York 


Annapolis, MD


RE: Best Kayaking Place

Because I'm a retired seaman I've had an opportunity to paddle all over the world. From the fiords of New Zealand's south island to the Hongs of Thailand's Pang Nah Bay. In places as diverse as the San Juan Islands and the Everglades I have a lot of favorites but the one thing I can be specific about is that the intimasy of experiencing a place from a kayak is unique. The slow paced and all encompassing look you get at a place from just above the surface of the water is like nothing else. Mark Twain said "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and nerrow-mindedness" and I trully beleave that's so. A life spent at sea has given me a chance to paddle in many wonderful places. That said, I've also come to understand that, when seen from a kayak, most all of us have a wonderful place to paddle wherever we live.  SEEYA Jack

RE: Best Kayaking Place

I started a project couple years ago to build skin on frame boats with a couple of my nephews.  Four boats in total.  David said "great, but where will we paddle them?"... to the internet!  I found Mer et Monde on the St Lawrence.

Although boys have not yet completed their boats, I took mine and my wife's WD12 out there this summer.  To say it was magical is an understatement.  If you go, sign up for their midnight paddle.  Seeing bioluminescence lighting up your bow wave and every dip of your paddle is unforgettable.  They also brought along a hydrophone so we could listen to the whales.  We are planning to make this an annual vacation.

RE: Best Kayaking Place

Fort Smallwood Park, Pasadena, MD

Downs Park, Pasadena, Maryland

Sandy Point State Park, Annapolis, Maryland

RE: Best Kayaking Place

I can't begin to take in the concept of 'best kayaking place'!   I have seen only a few tiny corners of a tiny corner the world, but even so, I have been blessed to see a little glimpse of places like the San Juans, and Lake George, and Lake Michigan, and some even some lakes in Europe, and...

So, I will offer the Little Miami River! Why?  It is the best because I can throw the tupper-yak in the back of the old Ranger (when it is not in the shop) and roll down the hill to old Loveland, and then drive a few miles upstream, and toss it in the water and go.

Is it gorgeous?  Thrilling?  Well, usually, no.  When you go around a certain bend though, and it's quiet and hazy, and you come upon an unexpected heron fishing, or a turtle sliding off a fallen log or a black snake sunbathing, and you can just imagine that it...this could be the very bend where Dan'l B. outran his Shawnee captors before catching the next log over la Belle Riviere (not so beautiful today, okay, but getting better) to good ol' Kentucky...well sometimes it IS kind of pretty.  

But you know what I mean.  Wherever you are, in Oz or Scotland or Finland or the upper Chesapeake. Passagemaker or CH17 or off-brand lauan pirogue: There is nothing quite so worthwhile as messing about in small boats.  Wood? Lovely. Plastic? Fine! Elegant, tacky, it don't matter much.  Get that dang coffee table in the water, durn it, and scuff it up a bit.


RE: Best Kayaking Place

My favourite places:

Santa Rosa - Argentina

Cayastá - Argentina

Laguna La Setubal - Santa Fe - Argentina


RE: Best Kayaking Place


My inlaws are from Cincinnati and I was eyeing the Little Miami last time we were there, but the water level was real low...mebbe next time. I'd love to paddle the LM into the Ohio and then thru downtown


RE: Best Kayaking Place

The south coast of Massachusetts, from the Rhode Island border to the elbow of Cape Cod has to be one of the best places to kayak. Dozens of estuaries and small harbors, lots of islands close to shore, and many lakes big enough to spend a day on, offer plenty of opportunities within a 100-mile stretch of shoreline. The Gulf Stream keeps the water warm for a long season and marine traffic is relatively light. I feel very blessed to live right in the middle of it. -Wes

RE: Best Kayaking Place

Thailand, California, Bahamas, Hawaii, Virginia, Maryland, Maine.  I have some great (though low quality) pictures I took of the DC skyline at sunrise from the Potomac, some amazing pictures paddling mangroves in Thailand with monkeys crawling on our boats, and some wonderful memories and photos of all the other places I've been. 

What's my favorite?  Wherever I'm at that particular moment.  It's all good and all beautiful.  Wherever you are, it's a safe bet there's something spectacular just around the corner.  Viewing it from a kayak is a perspective most of the world never gets and can really open your eyes to different types of beauty.


RE: Best Kayaking Place

Whether you're a local looking for a new place to paddle, or you're planning a paddling trip to a new destination, I must say you should visit some websites for a proper destination information. It will give you some ideas about great flatwater and whitewater kayaking and canoeing paddling locations around the country.


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RE: Best Kayaking Place

The West Coast...especially Vancover Island. Pristine sounds, backwaters to explore, and the Pacific Ocean front to challenge anyone. Barkley Sound is where I went solo in the Broken Group in September. Not too many kayakers, access by small freighter, or paddle out from other beaches. If you get the Pacific Horizons DVD you'll get a glimsp of the area. Sea Kayaking DVD by Ken Whiting & Alex Mathews also shows both the Inside Passage areas & the ocean front. The whales, otters, birds, wolves, bears & other wildlife are all there if you look, depending on the area. The northern sounds are virtually vacant of kayakers at times. I've sailed around the island twice and there is so much to explore you could not even believe it until you see what a special place this is. There are the Gulf Islands, the San Juans & Puget Sound for more populous areas to roam, along with lots of accommodations. Many areas around Vancover Is are also serviced by water taxi for one way trips, if time or weather are problems. There are numerous guide books for all of those areas.

RE: Best Kayaking Place

I love taking my WD10 and paddling in  big Marina's looking at all the different boat names and boats.  Anything with a waterfall is high on my list also.  I'd love to paddle some of lake michigan, the keys, annapolis, san diego and seattle but any coastal town works for me.

This is my favorite local place.  Cataract falls in west centrail Indiana.  We arent such a hot spot for scenery here but everywhere I go I find something interesting to me.

Happy Paddling.


RE: Best Kayaking Place

OK, a couple years past since my earlier post on this thread and a couple more awesome kayak spots:

The Rideau Canal - we went hotel hopping, all the adventure of a multiday kayak trip without the camping :) And going through the locks in a kayak is a blast!

And this past March explored the canals of Venice, Italy after dark, it was fabulous!

RE: Best Kayaking Place

Agua Verde Paddle Club is well known for recreational kayaking. You can go into the botanical gardens and out into Lake Washington or Lake Union. Their rates are reasonal that anyone can afford it.

performance kayaks

RE: Best Kayaking Place

Wood Duck at Rainbow River

 Getting to that time of year when us folks in Florida wonder why we live here. The Rainbow River is a good reason. Something about paddling in crystal clear water! Many springs here and countless creeks and rivers to play in. Look

RE: Best Kayaking Place

A sandbar. Anywhere, preferably miles out. It materializes at low tide. I pull out my chair, enjoy it like its mine. When the water overtakes it i get back in the kayak and paddle back. My little "island" comes and goes in different places.



RE: Best Kayaking Place

San Juan Islands- 80 miles N of Seattle, then a 15 mile ferry.....

And thats why we tolerate the grey winter.


RE: Best Kayaking Place

I have just returned from my 10 km early Sunday morning paddle on the Canning River which is 4 km from home and less than 12 from the city of Perth  Western Australia. Whilst it is not one of the most romantic or picturesque location in the world, this morning it ticked all the boxes. I started just before sunrise on a cloudless day with a temp of about 6 degrees C and not a breath of wind so the water was like a mirror.  Only a couple of other paddlers and 3 or 4 nasty rowing sculls sharing the river with me and the birds. Only thing that would have made it better would have been if I’d seen some of the local dolphins. Oh well Sunday morning bacon and eggs are calling.

All the Best


RE: Best Kayaking Place

Pictured Rocks of Michigan is a nice place to see by kayak. I go just about every year for a week or two. Plenty of things to do with rivers and lakes to kayak. You can Kayak camp on Grand Island or the shores of Lake Superior from the campground. I'm going August 16th to the 24th 2012. Your welcome to join me. Staying at this campground:

Here's a sample of whats to see:

I also spend January and Febuary in the keys Kayaking, camping and fishing:

I'm just finishing up a paddle board to break my neck on so I have a new way to hurt myself.

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