The Twenty Thousand

Twenty thousand kits, baby.

We were sitting around in my office pondering the meaning of having shipped the 20,000th kit.  Someone remarked, "Wouldn't it be a drag---even more than usual---if the shipping company fumbled that one."

There was a long, chilly silence.  Then without another word the phone was snatched up and our account executive at the shipping company called.  The 20,000th has been tracked across the country by about ten people, and with singular zeal.  

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RE: The Twenty Thousand

Congratulations! That's a lot of kits!


RE: The Twenty Thousand

Jeepers John...that is a whole lot of kits, epoxy...and SANDING...

Here's to the NEXT twenty thousand!  Cheers!

 Best regards,


   P.S. I *LOVE* my Passagemaker!  :-)

RE: The Twenty Thousand

Reading John's 20,000 trivia, my favorite is:

You could line up three parallel rows of CLC boats (almost) across the English Channel, plank it over, and walk across. 

Here's another one for you:

If they all got cracks in the bottom, filled with water and sank, you'd have 20,000 Leaks Under the Sea.

A final awe-inspiring thought -  at $800 per kit, that's $16 million that a little business dedicated to a specialized hobby has churned through the economy. Add in the plans, accessories, the hangers-on (shipping companies, hardware stores, divorce lawyers,etc.) and you see just what a profound impact the little boatshop that could has had on the world economy.



RE: The Twenty Thousand

Gee, no wonder the sea level is rising, must be all the water displacement.


RE: The Twenty Thousand

20,000 Leaks Under the Sea


Maryland boating laws

Anyone know what the maximum sentence is under Maryland criminal statutes for a pun like "20,000 Leaks under the Sea"?

An example needs to be made of Laszlo, lest there be a series of copycat crimes.  Waterboarding is out of favor but what about administering a series of "half-Eskimo rolls"?


RE: The Twenty Thousand

So John.  If I asked you & Eric to design a kayak that would hold say, 15 persons, and you designed a WOOD DUCK that was 40 feet long, would that be a WD-40 ?????  Just wondering......    ~Tugbruce~

RE: The Twenty Thousand

Along those same lines, I'm very glad you named the  sailing dinghy a Passage Maker Dinghy (PMD) and not Passage Maker Skiff.... ~TUGBRUCE~

RE: The Twenty Thousand

I must admit, these boat buns are getting quite... "Skerry"... :P



RE: The Twenty Thousand


You know I'd just get off using the insanity defense.



RE: The Twenty Thousand

John, congratulations.  Am I wrong or did you just post a 10,000th not too long ago?  (4 or 5 years maybe?)

Can you give a brief history of milestones like these or is it on the website somewhere?


RE: The Twenty Thousand

I don't recall banging the gong at that time.  It took a pretty deep data dive to figure out the 20,000th.  We've been on at least three database programs since the old days.  What made it possible was that, starting as shop manager in 1994, I kept a separate archive of every single kit order.  This was for my own shop use, for figuring how much plywood to order and so on.  So that list, plus Microsoft Access (grumble...), plus our shiny new bespoke CMS, made it possible to pinpoint The Twenty Thousandth. 

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