Shearwater 17

I am looking for a Shearwater 17 Hybrid within 100 of Detroit, MI. I would like to build one, but I would like to see and perhaps paddle one before ordering the kit. If you have the standard 17, and would be willing to let me take a look, I would certainly appreciate that as well. If the phone is more convenient, please call (248) 798-1905.




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RE: Shearwater 17


I am currently building a Wood Duck 12 Hybrid.  If you would like to see a new builder work on a hybrid project come on over.  I have been happy with the CLC kit, instructions, tech support, and buiders forum help.

I live in Canton, MI

phone 734 306 3261

Rod Jenkins

RE: Shearwater 17

I have a Shearwater Merganser 17 high deck hybrid.  The haul is the same as the Shearwater but the deck is 1" taller. I did build a hybrid Shearwater but its hanging in the entrance way to a lodge. My zip is 48873. If you cannot find a Shearwater call me, and I would be glad to let you take it for a spin.


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