WD12 in the water

Just finished my first kayak. I can't believe it's done! First trip to the water, 7a.m. and 38° outside. absolutley no problems. a very comfortable kayak, faster than what I need and room to spare. All information that was available was right on. no problem that could not be fixed. fro a frist build I am extremely pleased. My wife let me build this in our living room since the temps in the garage were a little too cold.Now she wants one.

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RE: WD12 in the water

welcome to the skiff, raft, team or flock (though I cannot imagine we will see many WD12s in flight ;)

I built my wife's this past June, L-O-V-E IT!!!  I had actually chosen a different design for her and she chose the WD12 and I am very happy she it.  This is an awesome boat and everyone who has paddled her (the boat, not my wife) loves it.

RE: WD12 in the water

You will love your wood duck.  We love the WD12 we have.  It is a little to big for my wife. I think the WD10 would fit her better. For me it is just right.

It is a great kayak for fishing and it will cary anything you can fit into it.

It's like a big patato chip, no one can eat just one !!!  So get started on the next one and have a blast.


RE: WD12 in the water

38 degrees, that's dedication (unless we're talking Celsius instead of Fahrenheit?). Welcome to the fleet! Post a few pictures, if you can.



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