More on Proas

My 31-foot proa project has been languishing while the shop is filled with fall classes. 

Meanwhile, I was able to interview Russell Brown, who knows more about the type than anyone this side of the Marshall Islands.  Sailing a 36-foot, 3200-pound proa to New Zealand = Very Cool.

Russell Brown on Proas

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RE: More on Proas

I am ambivalent about proas.

Half the time I love them.  But the rest of the time, when the are sailing frontward, they are kind of boring.

RE: More on Proas

Any more info on Madness- have been watching and waiting with great interest.  Always toyed with the idea of building your design Mbuli, but was a little on the small side for my intended use. Not that I intend to trailer regularly but is Madness put together in way that it could trailer to Florida for a winter sail. Do you have a rough idea of timeline, do you plan on offering plans, kit of at least maybe bulkheads/framing? 

RE: More on Proas

Well, the project had to wait until we finished all of the Fall boatbuilding classes, which were occupying the shop.  The boat's back inside and we're back at it.  There'll be regular updates, especially when something photogenic happens...

There will definitely be a nice set of plans and even a decent manual.  Kits...well, I cut mine on the CNC machine and everything fits (so far), so I guess if someone wanted the plywood panels...

It demounts for road transport.  There are ten readily accessible bolts.  Actually, trailering mine down to Florida and then sailing on to the Bahamas was an important part of the design brief. It doesn't weigh that much more than PocketShip.

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