rub rails on MC 16.5

I am just getting ready to attach my rubrails to my MC 16.5. I ordered the recommended brass nails from CLC, but I think they look a little cheesy. Do I really need nails, or can I just glue this? If I do need nails, should I just use my leftover copper nails I used to attach the deck?

Any thoughts or pics would be appreciated.

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RE: rub rails on MC 16.5

You should use the nails (not the copper deck nails).  I used 1" #18 brass brads spaced 6" apart.  They blend in well with the wood really have to look hard to see them they are so tiny but the have a lot of holding power.  I also epoxied the rails.  Some will advise against this to allow for future replacement if they get banged up but I'm pretty careful. I also extended the 4 oz. deck glass over the rails for added protection.  I think others have used just epoxy (using tape to hold the rails in place).  This seems like a lot of really don't notice the little brads.



RE: rub rails on MC 16.5

Glue by itself will work fine, too, if you can figure out a clamping method. Nails might be easier.



RE: rub rails on MC 16.5

Thanks for the help- and especially the pic- that is a beautiful looking boat.

RE: rub rails on MC 16.5 can see the whole build at:

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