Point Bennett & North Bay

The Point Bennett kayak seems rather similar to the NB. does anyone know this boat and how it performs?

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RE: Point Bennett & North Bay

I finished  the Point Bennett a few months back and now use it as my main kayak. The build was fairly staight forward and I researched alot  here and the Kayak Building Bulletin Board + bought a kayak construction book, it was my first build.  Don't know about the NB but the PB is a nice blend of tracking and turning. It will track well in most conditions ( strong rear quarter wind is a prblem but is in most kayaks), lean, sweep and it turns nice. Stability is a little tender compared to others. The V hull wants to sit on one side or the other. 2nd stability is great. The stability give it a lively feel.

Surfs O.K. and is a great rolling kayak but as always it pays to have good hip and knee support. Good kayak for  skulling and general skills development. Goes good in rough water. Enough volume for  a week camping. I use the front bulkhead as foot brace. Has nice looking lines IMO.


Here is my building gallery 



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