CLC 16LT hybrid feasibility?

Hello everyone.  I am new to this forum, but have some experience in boat building.  I am going to build a kayak for my wife, and it is the CLC 16 LT that she wants.

The hybrid kayaks shown on this site are very attractive, however niether the Night Heron nor the Shearwater are suitable . 

Does anyone here have experience with a stripped top on one of the CLC designs other than those listed here on the site?  Is it a doable thing?  

I am going to order the plans and the builder's manual in any event, and was considering that the stripper top might make a great custom build.  Perhaps I will order the manual for the hybrid kit to go along with it to see if I can figure out a way to do this.

 Doed anyone here have some dvice, comment or any other sage words of wisdom?




Steve Martinsen

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RE: CLC 16LT hybrid feasibility?

I built a MC 13 hybrid and there are no plans for it.  I just took the plans for a regular MC 13 and did the strips myself.  I cut them, planed them and the cove and bead myself.  I wasent hard to do for that boat.  I think you can customize just about any of these boats.  They are not hard to build.  Thats my 2 cents.


RE: CLC 16LT hybrid feasibility?

Hi Steve, you can hybrid build most anything. I'd suggest you order the hull pieces from CLC then make your building stations to suit your deck contour desires and go for it. CLC can supply pre-cut strip material for you as well. Get Nick Schade's book on strip building and you'll see the possibilities. SEEYA Jack

RE: CLC 16LT hybrid feasibility?


     If you plan on using a kit CLC will send the strips in leiu of the ply deck

The cost is a little higher. That is how I did mine. als read the tips for boat builders there is a good article there. Many have been done. this is mine

RE: CLC 16LT hybrid feasibility?

Nice looking boat, Yacko.


Thanks for the replys, everyone.  This sounds like a good thing that is emminantly doable, and I already have Nick Schade's book.

This will be a winter project, I am lookkng to get started after Thanksgiving, and I will try to post some photos of my progress.


RE: CLC 16LT hybrid feasibility?

Good luck, Steve.  It's definitely "emminantly doable".  If I actually get off my keester, I'll finish "re-decking" my NorthBay with a strip deck after peeling the old lid off it over a year ago.


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