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My Wood Duck kit is in transit, it should arrive in 2 days.  I just purchased a DeWalt sander.  What about sandpaper?  CLC sells Norton 80, 120, and 220 grit.  Are those the only grits I will need and are there any other brands or grits that you "old head" builders would recommend.


Rod Jenkins

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RE: sand paper

I also use norton hook and loop 5 inch. I use 60 ,100, 150, and 220. I build furniture and cabinets of hardwood so my sanding needs to be agressive. I used to use 80 ,120, 180 and 220.  Jumping from 120 to 220 is to big of a jump for wood but samding epoxy you could do that jump. I always connect my sanders to a vacume system. It makes a big differents in the speed you can sand and how long the sandpaper lasts.Also gives the best finish. Don't be afraid to change your sandpaper. If it seems like its not sanding well , its not !

RE: sand paper

I buy my sand paper from "industrial Supply" or something like that, online.  I buy 50 disks for ~$11-$14 depending upon what grit.  It works well and is signficantly cheaper than buying at the big box stores.  If you're budget-conscious, check out some online options.  If not, go with what CLC sells, it's a good product and will meet your needs for boat-building.

WoodOgre's advise about changing paper and using a vacuum are good things to remember. 


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