Foot room on lt17

I just am in the process of finishing my lt17, I have not yet cut out the full cockpit opening yet,  but when I sit in the boat my feet seem to hit the top of the deck, I only have size 10 1/2 feet, Iam wonderng if it will be different when I I cut the cockpit opening all the  way? Has any one run in to this problem before?  This is my 1st build but I do not think I have done anythng wrong. Any steps I shouldbe taking this point?

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RE: Foot room on lt17

I think you'll find that when you are in the boat, with your feet on the footbraces, your feet will have a natural tendancy to point outward, rather than straight up. My feet are also 10 1/2, but they fit comfortably in my CH-16LT, which is smaller than your CH-17LT. I think you'll be fine.


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