wooden paddles under 200$

im looking for suggestions on a wooden paddle for under 200$ i want a fairly large blade [ i'll be paddling a mill creek with my wife in the front and i expect to be the only one paddling] any suggestions

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RE: wooden paddles under 200$

I've been happy with my Grey Owl Mistral from CLC. 28 ounces, $174.00.



RE: wooden paddles under 200$

I made my own of laid up woods and then "carved" them with a bandsaw and a ROS.

Mine turned out exceedingly heavy, though, since I used heavy hardwoods, and I never use them.  I use greenland paddles now that I spend less than $10 in materials and shape in about an hour.

If you've built your boat, building a paddle wouldn't be too difficult for you, assuming you have large enough clamps to do the blade layup.   You could even do a blade layup of plywood and then a "split" Ferule/shaft that you glass the blade onto.  Fairly simple and really cheap without the need for large clamps.



RE: wooden paddles under 200$

On the off chance you're canadian (or near the border) try Mountain Equipment Co-op.


If you want to try a greenland paddle (which I highly recommend), try Beal Paddles.


Finally, Tom from T and J paddles does wide-blade paddles by special order I believe. I have a greenland paddle of his, and I like it very much.


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