WoodenBoat Show '08

Weather in Mystic, CT confounded earlier forecasts, and was wonderful on Saturday.  It was a great day to see the newest offerings from CLC- a fleet of Wood Ducks were on display, a beautiful hybrid MC 16.5 (thanks to John Peck for discussion and tips in my own build), and of course, PocketShip.  CLC's newest design was in the water, with builder Geoff Kerr on hand to discuss the wonderful little pocket cruiser.  I was surprised with the space inside the cuddy cabin, and the clean layout of the cockpit.  This design is destined to be very popular, I am certain.

PocketShip at Mystic


PocketShip cockpit

 PocketShip bow

Hybrid Mill Creek 16.5

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RE: WoodenBoat Show '08


Thanks for the pics. That 2nd one may be the best picture of the PocketShip's cockpit so far. It shows off the spaciousness of the cockpit very well. It's also good to see both vents on the boat again.

John Harris,

Is that laminated boom support new? I have a memory of the support being solid wood at O-fest. Or have I breathed too many epoxy fumes?



RE: WoodenBoat Show '08

Peter, thanks,  the pix are spectacular.  John, this is one beautiful boat,  at least in the eyes of this particular beholder.  If they start paying me even half what I'm worth, I will order two of them immediately.

Hey Laszlo!

I had the same memory but instead of epoxy fumes I was afraid of a flashback. Inhaled too much of something in my early days. But in fact we're right, I checked pics from OkoumeFest that I took of the PocketShip and it did indeed have a solid support. John's going to have to try harder to pull one over on us!

Had any crabcakes lately?

George K

RE: WoodenBoat Show '08

Peter, thanks for posting the great photos of the show! 

George said:

>>>>>I like the new laminated boom rest (don't have a clue what the thing is really called!) but why did you replace the original?>>>>>

The first "boom gallows" (the proper term) was bandsawed out of a 2x8 in a terrible hurry right before OkoumeFest.  It worked fine and looked good in the photos but in the presence of so many gold-platers at the WoodenBoat Show I thought I could do better.  So PocketShip got a smart-looking laminated boom gallows, to match the new, shorter, laminated tiller.  (MY tiller is hidden away below, to use when there's no one present to complain about it.)

Thanks again for everyone who turned out in Mystic.  It was a hugely successful show for us and the word is that the WB Show will be back to Mystic again next year.  See you there.

RE: WoodenBoat Show '08

Hey George,

Nah, I don't eat them, I just buy them for friends. Thanks (to John, too) for confirming my memory. Good to know that the old grey cells are still there.


It's not how long your tiller is, it's how it steers the boat, right?



RE: WoodenBoat Show '08

A few other shots from the CLC display and the rest of the show:

 CLC display

CLC space




Breck Marshall


RE: WoodenBoat Show '08

Good show as always.

I was glad to see some of the new designs in person, just dissapointed that it wasn't as easy to take them out for a trial paddle as in previous years

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