On heading out to gaerage to do fillets my wife had sitting on the kitchen counter a plastic scraper. about 2"square each corner had a different radius. it is now mine. she also had a spatula made of plastic nice handle and the end of the spatula had a nice 1/2" radius on it. I liked the handle part so it is now mine also. check to kitchen supply isle some nice tools there! I'll try to take a pic of them and post.

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Oddly enough, S&G boatbuilding has a lot in common with cooking techniques. In addition to the tools, there's also wood flour, "buttering" pieces of wood with glue mix, mixing graphite powder and epoxy (always pour the epoxy into the graphite, just as with milk into cocoa powder for exactlythe same reasons), keeping the work warm while it cures and 2-part expanding foams (both situations similar to keeping bread dough warm while it rises), etc.




I used an old flexible spatula from my kitchen drawer for the fillets and loved it - you could change the fillet radius just by the angle you held the spatula (perpendicular to wood vs. at a low angle) and the flexibility made for nice smooth fillets, particularly at the edges (I applied tape guidelines using the stitch holes as a guide for a very clean job).  Also good for cleaning up the "oops" globs of thickened epoxy.



I tried the spatula... my eggs have never tasted the same since ;)  I found tongue depresser at the dollar store, 250 for a buck.  That and a gloved finger worked brilliantly.


a 50 cc toomey syringe works great for getting the thickened stuff into the grooves. works alot better than a freezer bag. the large opening is perfect. you can get them at a medical supply store.

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