dyeing cedar strips

I have Wood Duck 12 hybrid being deliverd in about 10 days.  CLC says they are having trouble from their supplier getting dark strips and recommend dyeing the strips.  Anyone have experience with dyeing and do you dye before gluing and after sanding?  What stains/dyes do you recommend?


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RE: dyeing cedar strips

I would also like to dye some of my next boat.

My question would be how do you stop the dye from bleeding onto the next strip

RE: dyeing cedar strips


You need to get the book ( Building Strip-Planked Boats ) by Nick Schade.

Nick has a chapter on the use of stains. 

This book will also show you how to mill your own strips.  If you want lots of color options, making your own strips is the way to go.

Staining strips is possable but very tough to do. I would not recomend it for a first build.


RE: dyeing cedar strips

Thanks Lou

Is milling strips easier than dyeing?

I ordered Nick's book with the kit.


RE: dyeing cedar strips

I just ordered some dark strips yesterday. They finally have some. I also had a discussion with the CLC person about dyeing. You do it after the glue-up and all smoothing is done. You mask off the strips, and deal with any bleeding by careful scraping. You also need to use a UV-resistant dye like Behlen SolarLux, or it will fade badly in the sun.




RE: dyeing cedar strips

I stained (not sure if there is a difference from dying) my WD12 centre panel, yes, I know, not strip but still the same.  I stained before assembly as recommended by Nick Scade, only problem is that it faded with sanding so I ended up re-staining after all sanding was done and was ready for glass and epoxy.  Turned out gorgeous!  For the edges, I did one coat of epoxy on the not to be stained wood, got a nice clean edge and then stained the raw wood, worked perfectly.

Hope this helps, I was actually thinking of trying this method on my C18 if I go hybrid… leaning (or should I say edging ;) that way.


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