PocketShip Sighting(s)

So there I was, driving north on Solomon's Island Road in Parole, MD (named after a famous racehorse, nothing to do with prisoners) this afternoon when coming south I spotted the prototype PocketShip being towed by a black SUV driven by himself, JC Harris. Then, a few seconds later, there was what appeared to be a second PocketShip. Totally different colors and I couldn't be really sure because of the need to watch the traffic, but I'm pretty sure I saw a boom gallows and the same hull shape. They seemed to be heading towards the Cadle Creek Marina, but unfortunately I was unable to follow and see the spectacle of 2 PocketShips sailing in company.

The fun of living near Annapolis. You never know what'll go sailing by you on the roads.



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RE: PocketShip Sighting(s)

Wow - a fleet of PocketShips! That would be something to see. My plans are still rolled up in the corner of the room. I'm looking forward to getting started, but first things first. I'm just finishing off a DD Argie 10. Next will be a Wood Duck 10 and an Eastport Pram. When they are done, I can finally get going on the PocketShip. Even before the WD 10 is started, I'm thinking of a WD 12 Hybrid, but first things first.

So John... are there any pictures or video of the two PocketShips together coming up? I keep checking back on YouTube for follow ups to the first two PS videos, but all I can find are the first two...



RE: PocketShip Sighting(s)


Pete M. launched his PocketShip for the first time on the South River near Annapolis on October 23rd.  I HAD to tag along, as this would be the first time we had two of those sailing in one place!

Lots of nice photos of the launch and "fleet action" are here on PocketShip.net.


RE: PocketShip Sighting(s)

Congrats to Pete on adding another fine looking boat to the Pocketship fleet. I missed hooking up with John this summer when unknown to me he passed through Fargo ND ( a mere 150 miles south of me ) on his Pocketship mid-west tour. I thought the closest he was getting was Minneapolis which is 500 miles away.

Dave C 

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