Repairing Interlux Paint Slump

I just put a new coat of Interlux Brightside on my kayak to improve the finish and repair some scratches.  Overall, this is the fourth coat of Brightside.  The finish looks great with the exception of one three inch area where the paint slumped where I was covering a scratch.  Can I just sand the slump and repaint that area, or do I need to repaint the entire boat.  My perfectionisn is keeping me awake at night!  I would love to have the boat look perfect.


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RE: Repairing Interlux Paint Slump


I have (had) a few sags in the last epoxy coat on my nearly-complete Northeaster Dory. I used 220 grit pads in a oscillating power sander to lower the sagged line down to base coat level, then I recoated. If it worked in epoxy, it should work in Brightsides or any other covering. The re-epoxied surface looks like a mirror.



RE: Repairing Interlux Paint Slump

My experience with Brightsides is that it does not buff or polish well and you must plan your overlaps as it will not feather out for touch ups. If you must, I would use a cabinet scraper or razor blade to scrape away the high spots and then try to buff out the scrape marks. I think you will find that it would best if left alone, after the first scratch it will not matter. Depending on who you ask; two foot rule, three foot rule, five foot rule ;-) if you can't see it from a few feet away it does not count.

RE: Repairing Interlux Paint Slump

Brightside does not like to fair out well. I have been able to get around it by using a razor scraper and getting it flush. Then let is cure for a few days in a warm environment.  I then picked up a Preval sprayer. Use 216 and thin the brightside and lightly spray over the area fairing it out a ft. or more. Let dry completely then buff with 3M Fenesit.



RE: Repairing Interlux Paint Slump


can you post picture of your painted hull, I'm very interested in doing same on my shearwater 17 kayak



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