choosing a kayak

I plan on demo of kayaks next wednesday Oct 20th.  I want a fishing kayak and potential to take a toddler along once in a while (first grandson is 2 months old!!).  I am considering the Mill Creek 13 and 16.5 or the Wood Duck 12 and 14.  I will be using it in lakes and rivers in Michigan.  Any ideas out there.



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RE: choosing a kayak

I finished a WD12 for my wife this past June, absolutely L_O_V_E this boat!  I have had a dozen or so kayaking buddies paddle her (the boat, not my wife ;) and there is a line up wanting to aquire the boat when we are done.  Albert keeps refering to it as "his boat"

 I have had the duck out on small lake, rivers and even Lake Ontario in 1 metre waves.  Very stable and fun to paddle.  It is a little slower than a sea kayak but respectable from a speed perspective.  This is my go to boat for introducing friends to kayaking, James did his level 1 in it.  I have also successfully self rescued without the use of a paddle float or other aid (there is a pic of Laszlo doing the same on his blog).  The other difference is that the WD can accomodate a spray skirt that I would highly recommend even for calm water, keeps the drips from the paddle out.

I cannot compare her to the Mill Creeks but really love the WD12 boat.  For me, I would first decide do I want a single with a big enough cockpit ot give a child a ride or do I want a tandem?  Hope this helps

RE: choosing a kayak

Iam new to this Kayak thing but here is my experiance.  I built a MC13 last winter.  I will use this boat  mostly for fishing.  I have had it out a few times this summer.  Here are my thoughts on the boat.  I have been on lakes.  It paddless very easy and stays on track.  It has all the room I need and I have built a shelf to make fishing supplise very acceable and is my rod holder.  I was on Diamond lake in Oregon this summer and it was very very windy.   The boat was very easy to paddle in the wind and stable.  I have a 1.5lb anchor and it held in the wind.  I did have about 40feet of anchor line out, but it held.  As far as building the boat, very easy.  If you buy the kit even easier.  Good luck and fun building what ever you purchase.


RE: choosing a kayak

Thanks David and Lance,

I attended the demo day last wednesday and found that I really liked the Wood Duck 12.  Friday I placed an order for the Wood Duck12 Hybrid kit.  I can't wait to get started.  My original plan was to store the kit in the basement until next spring as I need to build it in my garage and am worried about the cold winter weather in Michigan.  Joey Schott from CLC said that I could probably hang heat lamps in the garage and get the temp up warm enough. 


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