maiden voyage chesapeakes

Paddling the Mystic River

It was a great day out with my family in our boats! 


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RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes

Looks like a lot of fun! Guess you're waiting for the kids to grow into the boats :-) Wonder if you guys qualify as the first All-CLC family?



RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes

What boats are those for the kids? how old? I have an 8 yr old and thinking about the CH14...

RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes


 the girl is my daughter, she's in a ch 14. she's 8. she loves it. The boys are in ch 16 ages 11 & 13. 


RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes

that looks like a strip deck on the photographer's boat, did you do a CH hybrid?  I'm thinking of doing that for my CH18... mhhhhh.

 Nice looking fleet, I love the colours!

RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes

Thanks Dave

 It is a ch 17 hybrid built it this spring.

RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes

Great Boats!

I assume you are speaking of the Mystic in Mass.

Where do you puy in?? I havent been on that water since growing up in  Burlington. I will have to head up there for a paddle. Down in Attleboro now.

Enjoy the kayaks




RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes


Thanks It's  the Mystic River in Mystic CT. The boats are beached at Mystic Seaport.

RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes

Not to far for me either. I will have to get down there and paccle around. Never been to Mystic before, driven by about 311 times over the years. Now with a couple of Ducks, all the more reason to stop and enjoy.




RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes

There is a launch site just past the Seaport.  if you are headed towards the coast from 95, take the first right after the seaport and at the end is a small boat launch.  Just be careful to read the parking signs after you unload.  there is also an acces to the Mystic river just above the 95 bridge on the west side but I'm not sure exactly how to get onto that road.

Have paddled  there many times.  The marshes above the bridge are interesting and paddling right up under the big square riggers gives you a new appreciation of how big they are.




RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes (fabric hull)


If I remember correctly one of these kayaks has fabric around the whole hull.  Can you tell me about your experience with do that?  Does the fabric conform to the hull as nicely as fiberglass does?  Also any special tricks out of the ordinary to help keep the air bubbles out?  Any info is appreciated.

Also, anyone can chime in on this one...

Does the fabric have to be 100% cotton?  I found some fabric with a pattern I like but it's made of poly/cotton twill 50/50 blend.  It weighs 7oz a yard.  Will this work? 


RE: maiden voyage chesapeakes

I did use one piece of fabric about 4 1/2 yds, I first layed the fabric onto the hull and smoothed. It  takes a little more time than the fiberglass. The now and stern are a little tricky, I cut the fabric to match the angle of the bow leaving enough to over lap a bit.  Then the fiberglass and smoothed it out. Next I folded both layers back about halfway and rolled epoxy onto the hull. I smoothed the fabric and rolled epoxy over the it. next came the glass smoothing it out. Repeat for the stern half of the boat. Then I epoxied the glass as you normaly would. Again be careful about bubbles under the cloth.  Have fun use slow hardener and you'll be fine.  If you have bubbles after everything is cured, cot a small hole into the bubble and use a glue injector to fill the bubble and clamp a block with plastic tape onto it.  I did find 2 bubbles after the first cout of varnish. they stand out like a sore thumb once the varnish dries.

This  a ches 14 is after 1 coat of epoxy.  I wasnot too concerned about weight as this was a request from my daughter.

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