Useful Skerry Mods

1. Mainsail cam cleat allows a free hand (photos):

View 1:

View 2:

View 3:

2. Spar Racks (photo):

View 1:

3. Rudder Line Cam Cleat Moved (photos):

View 1:

View 2:

And the Skerry herself:




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RE: thanks so much for--Useful Skerry Mods

just  cruising  the  builders  forum  after  the  maiden  sail  on  my  skerry-- looked  at  all  your  mods  which  were  beautifully  done  and  well  worht  shamelessly  copying..





carey  m. 

RE: Useful Skerry Mods

View 1 of the cam install and the view of the spar racks wouldn't open

I'm studying the cam

What were you showing on the boat photo?



RE: Useful Skerry Mods

RE Mainsheet Cam mod:

I have a Harken 40C beckett with cam which I originally got for my SailRig (it was a lifesaver).  I no longer have the kayak so I am about to cannilbalize the beckett instead of mounting a cam as you did.

Also; the holes for the downhaul and for the mainsheet "traveler";  do I use white stuff or brown stuff to fill the first hole?

RE: Useful Skerry Mods


Don't know if it just me, but I can't get the links to your mods to come up.


Nav Artichoke

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