Mill Creek 16.5 question

Just built an MC 13 with my son and now I need a kayak as well. I'm a big guy...6'5" and 240 lbs. Will be kayaking mostly smooth waters of midwest rivers and lakes. Was looking at a Ches. 17 but I'm concerned that I can't bend my knees up....not sure I can sit straight legged for long periods.

MY QUESTION...I'm strongly thinking a MC 16.5. I can put in 1 seat, slide it forward a bit for one man operation, but keep it adjustable so I can move it back and throw in a second for 2 man operation. Looks like a sizeable craft, ie. overall weight and beam width...but I like the ability to be able to move a bit and pull my knees up while operating it.

Am I crazy to go with this boat for mostly 1 man operation?  I like the payload but wondering if it's just to big and bulky for 1 man.


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RE: Mill Creek 16.5 question

I'm 5'-10" & 200 lbs (give or take 5 or so pounds, depending on breakfast) I regularly paddle my MC 16.5 solo as well as with my brother who is about 6'-0" and 240.


I've been paddling from the rear seat without any trouble, but I am looking into  putting in another seating position somewhere between the existing 2 and try that.


It's not too bulky, I can troll in mine and catch fish. The main issue I've had is having the bow come up and increase the kayaks tendency to weathercock. I've been putting a sandbag in the bow compartment, it works but it increases the weight.

RE: Mill Creek 16.5 question

I wrote some comments for you but they went into the ozone before I could post them so here we go again.

I have an MC 16.5 that I built primarily to row with the Piantedosi Row Wing.  I launched the boat in December 2007 and have been very pleased with how this arrangement has worked out.  I only paddle the boat on the rare occassions that my wife is with me.  When single, I use my Shearwater 17.  As a kayak, I find the MC to lack elegance and to be a bit of a barge.

Looking at your size, and considering your leg issues, I recommend you also consider (as a minimum) the Wood Duck 14 and the C18.  Both are designed for your weight and the WD has a very spacious cockpit.  I am sure CLC could help you work out a larger cockpit openning for the C18.  If you stick with the MC, you definitely will want an intermediate seat position for solo paddling.  Otherwise, as mentioned above, the bow will ride to high and paddling into the wind will be very difficult.

Happy looking and enjoy


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