Has anyone tried using a Thule Hullavator with a CLC hard chine boat like a Shearwater?  Since it sits upright instead of on it's side - I wasn't sure it would work.  I was looking for an easier way to get it on top of my car.

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RE: hullavator

What kind of car? Those things are quite expensive..almost half the cost of the boat.


RE: hullavator

I've seen one in use and they work however it was a heavy sit on top that a small woman uses. A hard chine boat will work on it but it may be overkill for a shearwater. Look at the Thule 844 roller system, it costs a lot less and if you can lift one end of your boat you're good. SEEYA Jack

RE: hullavator

Thanks for your responses. 

I have a Subaru wagon and I have been using the hull-a-port cradles but it is difficult to get the boat up there by myself plus the hard chine boat does not fit down into the cradle. 

I agree the hullavator is expensive!  I took a look at the 884 Roller system and that looks like it could work but is there enough room for the keel of the boat to clear the load bar?

RE: hullavator

I have these on my Honda Fitand I find it works quite well with the hard chined shearwater. I have to make sure the side of the hull is flat on the bottom of the rack and I slid the foam pads up on the vertical part so it hits the bottom of the hull just right.

The boat is light enough (41.5lbs) that lifting it by myself is no problem.


RE: hullavator


    I think kts has the same setup as you already.  I am able to solo load a shearwater onto my honda fit with hull-a-port as well (exact same setup)... but my wife cannot.  To be honest a wide footstool would probably work for my wife and will be our solution.


KTS, a don't think the hullavator will fit better but it will be easier to load.  I would try a foot stool first and save yourself the money though.  You might also want to check out the thule outrigger:

 I would be careful so you don't scratch the boat (some pipe insulating foam would help)... but that might work for you.  I have never used one though so I cannot say for sure. 

RE: hullavator

I purchased the Hullavator and it is great.  I can load/unload my Chesapeake 16 without help.  For me, the extra money means more time on the water!

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