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Are there any other recommended sail options for this boat? Not dissing the CLC designs, just a rookie wondering if I don't get the ones available, are there options for later? Thanks. Still working on getting that one from Missouri, but the logistics are looking like I should build, ugh!

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RE: PMD Sail options

There are certain aspects of a sailboat design that involve safety. One of them is called "lead'. There is a calculated spot  on the sail called "the center of effort" and a calcultred spot on the dagger called "the center of lateral resistence". The relationship of these points must be within certain limits if the boat is to handle well.

With proper lead and nobody at the helm (like the pilot went over the side) the boat will round up on it's own and point into the wind. This is called "weather helm" It gives the pilot a chance to catch  the boat and reboard. If the boat has the opposite, "lee helm" it could point downwind and sail away.

Also, proper lead makes going from one tack to the other much easier. Small sailboats don't have much weight to get the bow across the the oncoming wind  when changing tacks. You have to maintain speed to tack successfully and having a hull that wants to turn away is not going to help much.

If you pick any old rig to power your boat you won't know if it's workable till it's bought, paid for and installed. If you are comfortable with going thru' the hassle you can mount any sail rig you like.  I think it would take a fair amount of experience to guarantee a successful outcome.

RE: PMD Sail options


Nice explanation, especially how weather helm could affect one's life expectancy.

It's possible for non-designer types to get a pretty good idea of usable sailing rigs without even doing any math. Cut out a scaled profile of the sailplan (all sails and the mast) from thin cardboard and find the point where it balances fore/aft. That'll be the center of effort (or close enough). Do the same thing with the new sailplan. If the both sailplans balance at the same point relative to the mast, the new one is usable. It may need some tweaking, but it won't be far off.



Thanks Charlie/Laszlo

That is great info for someone like me, heck, I even understood some of it! I can't wait to get my transportation worked out for the PMD I am trying to get from Mo to Fl! Thanks again!


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