Shiny spots in sanded pre-coat

I'm a first-time builder in the pre-coating stage of a Passagemaker Dingy. I understand that the indicator for success in this stage is a part with uniform grey color and no shiny spots.  I also understand that the shiny spots are low spots in the wood.  In my project these show up in deep grain in the veneer and on dings in the wood.   The manual calls for two coats on most of the parts.  However, on several pieces I am done with the second coat an still get  the shiny spots.   Am I applying the epoxy too thinly or not sanding enough?  Do I just sand and re-coat until the shiny bits are gone?



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RE: Shiny spots in sanded pre-coat

You can try filling in low areas with a micro balloon/epoxy mixture. This type of filler won't add much weight and is easily sanded.

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