Rebuilding Cape Charles deck

After leaving my kayak outside for 6 years or so, the deck is severly weather damaged. I have stripped off the old deck and currently prepping to install a brand new deck.

 For my origianal deck (kayak is 10 yrs old) I didn't fiberglass it (just the hull), just epoxy and varnish. I am thinking of using 4 oz fiberglass matt this time on the deck. What are your thoughts? Is everyone fiberglassing their decks these days?  I want to varnish it to a mirror finish again.




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RE: Rebuilding Cape Charles deck

The deck has suffered a lot thru weather damage and also from leaving on the grass!

RE: Rebuilding Cape Charles deck

I am trying to link pics from Picasa - but they wont show up. Any ideas?

RE: Rebuilding Cape Charles deck

I would definitely fiberglass the deck.  It will add strength and durability.  You will also be less likely to have to completely build a new deck in another 10 years.  Be sure and overlap the fiberglass about an inch onto the hull so you have the added benefit of a strong shear joint.  The boat will be a little heavier, but I think the benefits far outweigh that.  

RE: Rebuilding Cape Charles deck

thanks Casey - I appreciate your feedback. i think I will do it.I take it most guys are just using 4 oz fiberglass matt? Would 6oz still be nice and transparent?

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