Question for Shearwater 17 plan builders

I am looking at building a shearwater 17 for my next build, but I want to build it from plans. I don't have plans or manual yet and I was wondering that if i do it all in okoume instead of a deck in sapele. Could I do it all with 3 sheets of ply on okoume or will I still need 4?

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RE: Question for Shearwater 17 plan builders

The plans show two layouts: a "tight" one on three sheets and a "loose" one on four sheets. If you do the three sheet layout, you cannot scarf the sheets before cutting the panels. Since scarfing cut panels is a recipe for disaster, you should probably plan to use butt joints, which I think are plenty strong enough and a whole lot easier to do. The four sheet layout leaves a lot of excess material. BTW, the plans allow for putting all the deck and coaming panels on one sheet no matter which option you choose, so you could do it with two sheets of okoume and one of sapele. Sapele is heavier and harder to cut and plane, but thinner and a lot prettier. Take a look at my daughter's Ganymede, which we built with an okoume hull and sapele decks - and butt joints throughout - at -Wes

RE: Question for Shearwater 17 plan builders

Thanks for the the info, I found a local supplier for the okoume but they do not carry the sapele. I may be looking at staining the deck to give it some color but only time will tell. I love the boats twofootartist, I read all of them.


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