storing resin and hardener?

I have a fair amount of the epoxy/resin/ hardener (with the epoxy pumps still in the them) left over. How do I store them? Do I need to remove the pumps and will they ,they pumps, need to be replaced if i do remove them? How long will these products (resin and hardener) last? I'd like to use them for my next boat building project which might be 6-12 months from now. Thanks as usual!


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RE: storing resin and hardener?


One hot summer inside the garage has yellowed the hardener of the MAS epoxy, but the resin seems unchanged. The hardener pump spout will crust over in about a week's time, and must be cleared with a steel or wooden pick before it will meter correctly.

We are at 30 degrees North, so hot summer here greatly eclipses the definition of more temperate parts of our large country. I'd say keeping the containers with pumps in place in a cool environment should cause no difficulty after a year. Maybe clearling the pump spouts with a cotton swab then covering with tape before storage might be a good precaution.


RE: storing resin and hardener?

I read somewhere that the best method is to remove the pumps and replace the orignal lids (for this reason I kept mine), clean the pumps out with vinegar and store seperately.  I completed my second boat in as many years (WD12) and I just left the pumps in and other than the spout clumping I did not have a problem.  I just cleaned out the spout and kept working.  I launhed Kia Ora in June, then started Leo the following Feb with the odd project in between.

Hope that helps.

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