Arctic Hawk Shakedown Cruise

6 days, about 70 miles or so. I was in the Apostle Islands Lake Superior. Excellent crossing speed. Fairly nimble for sea cave exploring. Glad I installed the skeg kit from Superior.  The Invisible Hatch Hold-Down Kit still has the jury out on it.  I'm going to try some rubber tape as seal material vice the foam the kit provided. That had to be trimmed to have the hatch become  flush with the deck surface and they leaked excessively.  I was duct taping the seam while cruising for the day.  I hope to get them functional.  Regardless had a great time.

Arctic Hawk Devils Island A.I.

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RE: Arctic Hawk Shakedown Cruise

Amazing photo! Great graphic. Enjoy! 

RE: Arctic Hawk Shakedown Cruise

That's the way to 'shake down' a new boat!  (Looks nice - any other photos?)

RE: Arctic Hawk Shakedown Cruise

Looks good, Jeff. Your totem graphic turned out well. What's the 10, your 10th boat?

The problem isn't with the hold-downs, it's that weatherstripping. Weatherstripping works fine on the standard Chessie-style hatches but not so well on flush hatches. As you say, it has to be trimmed to make the hatch lie flush and getting an even trim is not easy. Another builder (maybe fishbuster?) dumped the CLC-supplied weatherstripping and used a thinner one from the hardware store with good results.

In addition, since weatherstripping is meant for blocking air, not water, the stuff is open-cell. The result is that instead of an impermeable block, you end up with a soggy sponge which allows water to pass through into the hatch compartment. My plan is to use closed-cell foam, like what the seats are made of. Not only will it be impermeable, but the stuff sands so it can be more easily shaped to a thickness which allows the hatch to sit flat.

BTW, what happens when you're in a low-ceilinged cave and a wave rolls in?

Have fun with your snazzy new boat,



RE: Arctic Hawk Shakedown Cruise

the 10 is a registration sticker.. at least it almost matches the paint.

RE: Arctic Hawk Shakedown Cruise

I replaced the hatch rim  foam gasket material  with scotch mastic rubber tape and the results are a thousand times better, I played in the foam pile rolling for nearly a couple hours and had maybe two cups in each hold.  I'm still shooting for dry, the quest continues.

Follow UP on the Artic Hawk circa. 2008

Essentially two seasons under the belt, it's a lean mean paddling machine.

Holding up well. Paint job has taken a beating.  I did ship alteration and went ahead and put in the original hatch hold down system (tabs). The hidden system was never really dry and a huge hassle when stuffing the hull full of camping gear.  I do USE this kayak.

On the water highlights,  Nigel Dennis paddled up to me and talked boat building this past June.


Lake Ontario


Follow UP on the Artic Hawk circa. 2008

I also got to do a paddling on water workshop with  Mark Rogers (the AH designer) at the same symposium I spoke with Mr. Dennis at. I have known him for a while.  He liked seeing his design on the water going through the paces and gave it his seal of approval.  

RE: Arctic Hawk Shakedown Cruise

This is for Laszlo;

Even the peasants go there and you don't need a snazzy sea kayak, altho' it helps. Recognize the boat?

I put in west of the Red Cliff Indian reservation at a little place called Meyers Beach. This cave faces out into Lake Superior. The only reason I got to visit this stretch of caves was the wind was from the south and the shoreline bluff gave us protection from whatever wind there was. The Chequamegon Peninsula is a dynamite place to paddle.

RE: Arctic Hawk Shakedown Cruise

Ah man....this was the first year in 10 that I did not make it up to the Apostles.  I absolutely love the area.  Been at all the places mentioned...thanks for the distraction from my work!

Nice looking boat by the way.  The Artic Hawk was on my short list.  Great graphics.

Jerry S

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